Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate what you have done.’

– Anna


‘Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me and supporting me through the difficult time I have been facing and trying to deal and cope with it.’

– Laura

‘With Sara’s help I now feel that I can manage my problem in a more positive way on, it’s onwards and upwards.’

– David

‘Thank you for your help. I am now able to recognise my triggers and help myself self soothe.’



‘After Sara’s restorative class I left calm, relaxed and my pain level had decreased dramatically.’

- Soraya

‘I suffer with chronic pain and after Sara’s yoga class I was able to sleep well and woke up feeling refreshed which has not happened in many years’.

- Sofia

‘I love Sara’s yoga classes. She always takes care to correct your alignment where needed and the classes are always quite varied. You don’t feel pressured to do postures that aren’t comfortable but she always pushes you to try new things. After doing yoga with Sara I always feel great in the body, as well as the mind.’

- Rachel

‘I wanted to attend Balanced Self Yoga and CBT because it was access to yoga within the area I live and I was recommended to join given the stiffness in my muscles, mostly because of office work. The first session was interesting because it started with some reflection about the state of my mind and I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk, since I was keen to get on with the yoga.  I’ve come from practising many years of yoga so wasn’t used to talking about my state of mind in such a context. In any case, I participated, as I didn’t know where this would lead me, so I opened up, and this is where the CBT came in. It was surprisingly good. 

On conducting a few more sessions thereon, I started to reflect before I attended the sessions to get present to where I was stuck (you know the cycle of thoughts that you find yourself in), dare I say getting in to the practice of being present in body and mind.  Point being to use my body to open my mind and the let my mind impact my body. 

I’m surprised to say that I really enjoyed the reflection in the context of CBT, and opening the body from this point of you. It allowed me to shake off the stuck feelings or feeling emotionally attached to something quicker, so that I could get on with my day. It wasn’t only relaxing, but helped shift my point of views in areas in life, thereon impacting my body positively through yoga.

 I would recommend Sara’s approach of yoga in the context of CBT, she is soothing and is able to ask questions and coax you out.  Love it! And I’m looking forward to the next session’.

- Rukhsana

‘I feel Sara is a brilliant yoga teacher her background knowledge as a CBT Therapist means she is well attuned to clients needs. She adapts our restorative yoga sessions according to my physical and energetic requirements which vary each time, helping me to feel either feel more grounded and relaxed or energised accordingly! She is also a very grounded and easy to talk individual making the session fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend her!’

- Ayse