Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


At Balanced Self we believe that stress, anxiety and depression can be alleviated by connecting the body and mind to each other. By being in the here and now and not living in the future or the past, you will live a more full and confident life. The CBT sessions will focus on managing behaviours and thoughts so that you are no longer led by emotions. This will create a deeper understanding of how the body and mind relate to one another.  

What to expect from CBT

We offer a confidential and private one to one CBT service.

CBT is a step-by-step process and relies on the active participation of the client and therapist.  A trusting relationship between therapist and client is crucial as this allows for active collaboration of both parties.

We conduct an initial assessment to better understand how we can help you. Following the initial assessment, tailored treatment plans will be offered to you. There is no obligation to move on to the treatment phase.

We use the first couple of sessions to assess your difficulties, as well as to define and become familiar with your thoughts, behaviours and feelings. This will establish how the problem is maintained and understand the best support strategies to get you back on track. Once the problem has been defined, goals are set to direct the sessions and guide treatment.

The treatment phase of therapy will then begin. In this phase we will work together to help you manage thoughts and behaviours, so that you can get back to your balanced self.

How to Book a Consultation

We offer a free 15 minute consultation to determine whether we are a good fit for therapy.

If we are a good fit, you may book your initial assessment, which lasts for up to an hour.

Sessions are up to 50 minutes in duration and are usually scheduled on a weekly basis unless otherwise agreed.

Price List

Initial Assessment - £85.00

Session - £75.00

Prices are flexible depending on the location of the therapy.

Telephone or Skype CBT can also be arranged.

It was really easy speaking to Sara. She got in contact with my straight away and completely understood my problem. I am really looking forward to starting my sessions
— Andy

CBT Clinics are held at -

The Backbone Osteopathic Practice

51 Colney Hatch (rear unit)

Muswell Hill

London N10 1LJ

Saturday clinics may be arranged upon request.