Yoga Classes

CBT skills are integrated into each yoga class, this offers a unique yoga experience like no other.

Balanced Self believe that CBT and yoga are complimentary therapies and when used together allow the busy modern day mind to connect back to the body, emotions and the here and now.

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All classes are held at the Backbone Osteopathic Practice, Muswell Hill, 51 Colney Hatch Lane, (Rear Unit), London N10 1LJ

Every Thursday

Chair Yoga

Thursday Morning - 10-11am

This class will help students who wish to bring back gentle assisted movement into their daily lives. Chair Yoga is practiced on a stool using modified yoga movements. Students will use the stool to sit on and sometimes as a prop. A short guided meditation and breath work will also end the class.

Suitable for students with injury and limited mobility.

Yoga and Wellbeing

Thursday Afternoon - 1.30-2.30pm 

Bring your notepad and pen and prepare yourself to combine CBT skills and yoga. Expect to be led through a class that addresses topics such as anxiety, worry and self-care and how to use psychological techniques and yoga to complement each other.

This class will help you understand the connection between your thoughts, behaviours and feelings from a psychological and yogic perspective leaving you with strategies that you can use anywhere, from the bus to your desk.

This class will change weekly or monthly depending on the topic that is being addressed.

Beginners to advanced students welcomed.

Restorative Yoga

Thursday Evening - 6.00-7.00pm 

This class is perfect for those wishing to reconnect to their body and breath to reduce stress. Restorative Yoga uses lots of props to allow the body to enter a state of deep relaxation. Meditation may be incorporated into the class, as well as breath work.  This class will consist of a series of up to five postures that are held for a long period of time to help repair and rejuvenate the entire system. Beginners to advanced students welcomed.

Drop in class - £12.00

5 class pass - £57.00

Cash and card payment accepted.

Class Prices

Private yoga and Cooperate yoga is also available. For enquires please email.